Mark Lewis Barbero


Through selected clinical case studies the project examines the evolving visual language and creative expression of the subconscious as the subject progresses from illness to recovery.

1. He has researched the progression of their disease through their artwork.

2. Through clinical based approach, Mark has collected his clinical studies through an internship at Gaustad Hospital where three patients were recruited to the project.

3. Creatively, Mark has been exploring different textile techniques that have obsessive – compulsive tendencies that can be expressed through clothes.

I would like to express my special appreciation and thanks to my advisor Johanna Flanagan, you have been a tremendous mentor for me. To Trude Aslaksen and Britt-Sølvi Kvernberg at Gaustad Hospital, thank you for all your help and guidance. I would also like to thank Professor Kirsti Bræin and Professor Christina Lindgren, Admir Batlak, Anita Roth, Camilla Bruerberg, Dagfinn Skoglund, Annabeth Kolstø, Peter Løchstøer. A special thanks to my family, friends and classmates. Words can not express how grateful I am for all the sacrifices that you've made on my behalf. Finally I want to thank everyone who have been there to support and help me throughout this experience. 

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