Solveig Aksnes

Raske Jenter

My clothes are restricting me from moving as I want. It is not materials, or its functions that necessarily deprive me this freedom. The problem is the way we perceive our clothes, made for one particular act. The expectations to act decent and behave as an adult makes us distinguish between clothes for movement, and clothes for acting serious and professional. To challenge these conventions, I will try to make up my own category of dressing, de­­d­i­-cated to the word play.

1. Studying how to pack smart, what you choose to bring when you leave the house, can decide how your day turns out. I always want to be prepared, especially for ocean baths.

2. I will make one outfit for six girls that I know share my love for play and sports. A uniform that liberates their day, so that they can always be able to move without being categorized or excluded from social arenas.


3. I am using fabrics with properties that won’t restrict you, but rather encourage physical activities.

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