Wai Wan Kit


This project is an experiment on memory distortion theory and documentation of conversation between me and my temporal-selves on my relationship with my mother, who happens to not be in most of the pictures from my childhood. It is, for the very first time, a reflection that I do upon my own childhood which tangles up my life that comes after. By freely exposing myself to my past, I hope to untangle that little piece of history that I have, and let it die off in my memory. The landscape of my memories will be mapped out in the forms of multimedia, with personal censors and senses. 

1. This pair of shoes embodies the core vibe of this collection, which brings in different senses of cultural references. 

2. The sketch book of this project has been travelling with me to different cities since last summer. It has informative as well as sentimental value for me, and it offers an unpolished perspective on all the work that I have done. 

3. Prints for this collection are completely made out on 3D programs with the application of UV printing, which helps translate the 3D models onto 2D fabric surface.

4. For me, fabrication and design exist in an interdependent relationship throughout the design process. I work around the design basing on the fabrication and vice versa. When it comes to fabrication in this collection, it is all about playing with the sense of tackyness.

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