Guri Pedersen


The project explores the potential of the fabric as the form-giving element in the garment. The work builds on my background as a textile designer with specialization in knitting. During the MA course at KHIO, I have devel­oped new textiles through com­bining knitting and weaving techniques. The meeting point between knit and weave has been the found­ation for new technical solutions when I have created a contemporary womenswear collec­tion, focusing on quality, form and aesthetic. My purpose has been to create garments with longevity. 

1. I always surround myself with materials I like. For example, wool and silk yarn in colours of light warm grey, dark navy, and neon bright synthetics. These materials have in a way become my tools and a framework from which new work emerges.

2. One crucial issue related to knitting is the strong connection between material and form. When creating knitwear, the material and the form is created simultaneously. I always seek the natural inherent potential of the material, in other words, I allow the form to evolve from the work with materials and techniques. The properties of the textiles I create, hold the premises for the shape and volume of the garment.

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