Karoline Bakken Lund


My MA project is about material sourcing within the Norwegian textile industry, and my understanding of personal, visual capital, celebrating aesthetics some find less valuable – depending on your personal preferences, that is. My preferences are based on the best, ugliest cities I grew up in. Five years old, we moved from Mysen to Askim. A twisted paradox really, explainable by the reality that both cities, that I was about to origin from, had been battling for the trophy of being the ugliest city in the eastern part of Norway for years. Luckily, my mother is from Drammen. Drammen has been ranked as the definite ugliest and tackiest city of the whole country.

1. The materials sourced for the project are based on manufac­ture visits. The seal skin was sourced at Polargodt AS. Arnfinn, the CEO, looked like a Nordic cowboy. Very imitating, with a distinct dialect, and apparently very busy. Moving while talking through the strong wind, I had to run after him to hear what he was saying. A fast talker and walker this one. A very precise, but efficient manner, that I liked, so I had to move fast. I quickly realized I had to win his respect and heart for sealing, to get a longer interview – and the possibility to see the production site.

2. A noticeable material-find at Krivi Weaving Mill, was the shawl for Nord-Trøndelag’s national costume. It introduced me to the notion and need for import of lighter threads in Norwegian textile production. Weaved in viscose thread, produced by the German thread spinner, Maderia.

3. The flame weave is designed for the Norwegian Harley-Davidson Owners Club. It is a skirt fabric for the Harley-Davidson president’s festive costume. A digital jacquard weave composed in 50% wool and 50% silk, manufactured at Krivi Weaving Mill. 

4. The Scream by Munch on a woolen blanket found at Lillunn AS warehouse brought the notion of cultural export, souvenir production and appropriation to my project. This is the wonderful and very powerful product description on the hang tag: 

The best pieces of art

The best quality 100% pure new wool

The Real Art Blankets

Warm body and soul

Produced by Lillunn, Design of Norway

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