Patrick Gundersen


Research shows that excessive use of smartphones can affect our sleep, social life, and health in many negative ways. Not long ago the phone had a certain place in the house. I want to bring that back. Therefore, I have created a series of prototypes that will help the users put away their phones, and hopefully get a more balanced life.

1. Folding ruler. A highly used tool in my design process.  

2. It has always been important to me how the different parts of a furniture meet. Here you can see the joint system I developed for this project. Good joinery are important details to me.

3. Our best friend, but also our worst enemy. Take control and get a healthy relation­ship to your smartphone by using my furniture.

4. I have integrated a docking system in the furniture, in order for it to compete with the traditional charger. It makes it exciting and fun to put away the phone.

5. Technical drawings of the smartphone storage system I have developed. 

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